Macademix publishes superior lab manuals on a custom basis.  We also produce a stock student and research version that can be used for teaching and research (see catalog..). Our manuals have features not generally found in other books including detailed appendices, integrated cm and imperial margin rulers, a spine labeling box (useful for quickly locating a particular manual on a shelf..) and log and semi-log template pages. Pages are numbered with square gridded pages that include boxes for title, date and signatures (note actual pages are much higher resolution...). Though of superior quality, our manuals are priced 40% below that of similar manuals because we publish and distribute directly to corporate customers.

You can buy the Macademix Research or Student Notebook directly from our catalog page

Macademix laboratory books are available from ASM Press--the American Society for Microbiology’s Publishing division!

  • Both Research and Student ASM Books can be ordered online

For large orders (greater than 20 books) or custom books, please contact us directly (sales@macademix.com)